Excessive cultivation can lead to irreparable soil damage, fracturing layers of organic matter and destroying natural soil structure. The no till approach leaves soil virtually undisturbed after the growing season, enabling it to lock in nutrients and moisture to benefit next season’s crops, all whilst combatting erosion. Moreover, water preservation substantially improves. A wide range of direct drilling and seeding equipment has been engineered by design to deal with the rigors of direct drilling. Controlled traffic also limits the amount of damaging compaction and ensures that tractors, combines and sprayers all toe the same line.
No-till farming delivers numerous benefits including the preservation of forested land, the world's green lung, and in 2011 saved up to 36 billion trees!. Fuel savings of up to 66% are possible, as each section of field if covered only once, which also reduces soil compaction. Want more? How about impressive yields which are up to 72% higher when compared with traditional cultivation techniques.
Efficient and varied crop rotation is the key to maintaining soil vitality. By planting a variety of different crops the soil is never stripped of essential nutrients. Crop rotation has numerous benefits including nitrogen fixing, easier pest management and it can even lead to a reduction in pesticide application. Precision seeding can be managed using the full range of planters and PLM® software that optimise application.
A whole range of advanced farming technology is easy to access and available at your fingertips to precision manage inputs to optimise both their application and usage. Keep an eagle eye on just how much fertilizer or spray you apply thanks to IntelliRate™ control. Prescription maps can be easily generated using advanced PLM® software, and monitor application in real time thanks to PLM® Connect telematics.