Tractor Running Video
Tractor running

Take a look at the NH2 hydrogen tractor, and listen hard.

Hydrogen powered tractor

Hydrogen Powered Tractor 

First in the world to be powered by hydrogen, the NH²™ tractor is a vital component of the Energy Independent Farm concept. This experimental yet perfectly running prototype is the result of the highest level of engineering.
Based on the T6000 range model, it has 106hp and is able to perform all of the jobs of a tractor of this type. Its internal combustion engine has been replaced with fuel cells that generate electricity. The compressed hydrogen stored in a special tank reacts in the fuel cell with the oxygen, drawn from the air, to generate water and electrons.
The electrons are harnessed in the form of an electric current, which drives the electric motors to power the main transmission and the auxiliary systems of the tractor.

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