The Energy Independent Farm Video
The energy independent farm

The Energy Independent Farm is a new approach, where farmers will be able to generate their own energy to run their farm and agricultural equipment. And all of this will be done using Hydrogen, 100% generated from renewable resources, which farmers have plenty of.

Energy Independent Farm concept


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Think of the wind, the sun, the farm waste or the manure produced by cattle farming. These are sources of energy that nature provides the farmer, free of charge. By using wind systems, solar panels or biomass and biogas processes located right on the farm, the farmer can independently obtain electricity and use it to generate, on his own, compressed hydrogen thanks to a process called electrolysis, which uses electricity to break water down into oxygen and hydrogen.
Hydrogen produced with this process is stored in tanks close by in the form of compressed hydrogen and can be used in a number of ways  to power farm machinery and also to supply electricity and heat to the buildings and various farming applications. It also offers an additional advantage. Compared to cars and lorries, tractors usually work within a short distance from the farm buildings and can therefore be refueled quickly and easily with hydrogen.


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