Think about a world in which you did not have to worry about fluctuating energy prices and the negative impact they have on farm incomes. The Energy Independent Farm means you can cater for your own energy needs; a selfsufficient world that puts you in control.
Image waking up every day and knowing you had energy on tap, not just for today but for tomorrow, and all of your children’s tomorrows. The Energy Independent Farm uses renewable sources of energy that never run out including wind, solar, biomass and biogas. Low environmental impact and a never ending supply
The NH²™ hydrogen tractor is truly revolutionary. It uses a hydrogen tank and fuel cells that generate electricity to run the electric motors, which power the machine and any implements. It condemns smoky noisy machines to the past, and offers a zero emissions future producing just a little water. You’ll have to strain your ears to hear it as it’s virtually silent too! The world’s cleanest tractor produced by the Clean Energy Leader.