The FR9000 range of self-propelled forage harvesters has been engineered by design to offer productive biomass harvesting . Cutting edge technology is combined with a complete range of customisable options which mean you can specify your FR9000 to perfectly match your individual biomass harvesting requirements. Moreover, they are a true year-round partner, effortlessly moving from agricultural contracting activities at the height of the cropping season, to low-season biomass harvesting. Want more? How about 100% biodiesel compliance. You can fill up the tank with what you’ve harvested just a few months earlier.







The Hydroloc system ensures a specific crop length for more efficient biomass production. Moreover, the Double Drive function enables operators to maintain a pre-set chop length independent of header speed, perfect for miscanthus biomass harvesting.




New Holland offers a complete range of headers for biomass applications, including maize and wholecrop models. The 130FB coppice header with integrated saw blades, can slice through coppice stems of up to 15cm and produce uniform woodchips. Perfect for the most varied biomass operations.




A shorter chop length means a greater efficiency in digestion and also a higher storage volume of biomass can be achieved in the silage pit. New Holland has developed a dedicated biomass drum with 2x16 knives for an industry-leading short chop length. The shorter chop length in crop provides a greater surface area for the bacteria to feed on thus creating a higher efficiency of biogas production. It also improves the flow of the digester biomass.




Harvesting the crop just when it is ready is the key to maximum energy production. New Holland’s integrated moisture sensors mean that you know when to start, and more importantly, when to stop harvesting to get the maximum energy from every crop. The integrated yield sensor enables you to estimate just how much energy you’ll be able to produce per hectare. Used in conjunction with GPS mapping, yield maps can be created to give detailed reports on your farm.





The powerful Crop Processing Rolls guarantee uniform cracking and crop processing, key to an efficient fermentation process. Furthermore, those fitted to the FR9080 and FR9090 can be specified with a heavy duty hard chrome coating for increased durability, perfect for extensive biomass operations. The Variflow™ system offers excellent biomass harvesting flexibility: convert from grass position to maize position in under 2 minutes without the need for tools.



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