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"We pioneered the system [biodiesel] in 2006, and where New Holland leads, other follow."

Annemie Lievens
Global Communications - New Holland Agriculture

The facts


What is Biodiesel?

BiodieselBiodiesel is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from crops such as rape seed and sunflower seed. It can be used in either its pure form, B100, or blended with conventional diesel to produce a biodiesel blend. The more common blends in most countries are 2% (B2), 5% (B5) and 20% (B20). These blends must meet specified industry standards for fuel quality (EN14214) to ensure optimum performance and durability of the engine.


Biodiesel 100%


New Holland was the first agricultural equipment manufacturer to certify that its products were able to operate on 20% B20 biodiesel. In 2006, the company was the first manufacturer to announce that all power units with mechanical fuel injection systems can, with the use of an adaption kit and a specific maintenance programme, operate on 100% B100 pure biodiesel complaint to EN14214 standards. As of 2010, 90% of New Holland tractors and harvesting equipment were able to operate on B100 biodiesel

Today New Holland products equipped with Tier 4 ECOBlue™ SCR engines can run on commercially available fuels containing Biodiesel blends of up to and including 5% Biodiesel (B5) (North America - ASTM D6751-9a) and 7% Biodiesel (B7) (Europe - EN 590:2009). New Holland approves the use of 20% Biodiesel (B20) blends with all Tier 4 ECOBlue™ SCR engines as long as the Biodiesel blend fully complies with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operators’manual guidelines

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