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"We have always been at the forefront of environmentally friendly farming. New Holland pioneered the use of biodiesel for agricultural applications back in 2006..."

Annemie Lievens
Global Communications - New Holland Agriculture




Clean Energy Leader LogoThe growing importance of environmental issues, their close connection to the agricultural business and the uncertainty linked to the price and availability of fossil fuels were the basis for developing biodiesel compatible agricultural machines. New Holland Agriculture has pioneered the use of Biodiesel in agricultural machinery since 2006 and was the first manufacturer to approve and provide warranty support for the use of 20% Biodiesel (B20) in all of its equipment containing New Holland engines. In 2007 New Holland Agriculture was the first manufacturer to offer 100% Biodiesel (B100) compatibility. Today all of its tractors, telehandlers and harvesting equipment with New Holland Tier 3 engines can run on blends up to 100% pure Biodiesel on condition that operation is in accordance with operators’ manual guidelines.

New Holland Tier 4 ECOBlue™ SCR engines can run on commercially available fuels containing Biodiesel blends of up to and including 5% Biodiesel (B5) (North America - ASTM D6751-9a) and 7% Biodiesel (B7) (Europe - EN 590:2009). New Holland approves the use of 20% Biodiesel (B20) blends with all Tier 4 ECOBlue™ SCR engines as long as the Biodiesel blend fully complies with the latest fuel specification EN14214:2009 and operation is in accordance with operators’manual guidelines.



BiodieselBecause biodiesel produces less noxious emissions than conventional diesel. Biodiesel reduces emissions of particulate matter, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide. In addition, it has a very low concentration of sulphur. There is a slight increase in emissions of nitrous oxides when running on biodiesel, and New Holland is developing engineering solutions to reduce the levels of these emissions.


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